Chancellor’s Message

We have grown as an institution since 1st June 2010, when the government of Malawi recognised and accredited Blantyre International University and its programmes as a learning institution for purposes of higher education, recruitment and career advancement.


BIU will strive to provChancelloride its students with an outstanding personal experience. With our sights set on becoming a national and regional centre of excellence in the academic and policy advisory fields, the years ahead hold much promise for all of us at BIU.

We hope that the portfolio of degree programmes, designed and delivered to the same standard of excellence as those in western countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America – but at a much reduced cost – are attractive to you. We are confident that BIU will provide a truly international education. We sincerely believe that when our graduate, they will make an important contribution to society in general and especially to Malawi, in particular. We determined to ensure the success of the University so that it firmly consolidates its position as an acknowledged international leader and a source of pride for staff, students and the country.”


Prof. Charles L. Chanthunya

Chancellor and Founder

About Us

Blantyre International University (BIU) was established in 2008 to provide high quality university education for this century. This is predicated on its belief that education must be life-long – that education is not a spatial monopoly of something called the school and college; not a time-bound learning experience; there is no such thing as childhood education, adolescent education, youth education, or adult education. There is just education which is a way of life, a life-long way of life. Every year, every month, every day, a person will be learning, open to learning and must be given the opportunity to learn in the home, school, university, factory, farm, hospital, office, co-operative, church, trade union, political party, cinema and club, etc. Education must be open.

In this regard, BIU believes in the need for the re-orientation and vitalisation of education with a view to preparing the young for the modern times that we live in.